Creating a conglomerate of company participations with

  • unique healthcare technologies and related services
  • making globally privately negotiated active equity, equity-related and (convertible) debt investments in middle-market healthcare technologies companies and assets
  • distinct due to opportunistic entry point and strong upside- and growth potential.


Situations we primarily seek

Companies with

  • unique and life-changing healthcare technologies
  • distributing / marketing their products only regionally despite their inherent pre-disposition of possessing the ability product-wise to be rolled out internationally

As well as companies with IP capable of improving the patient outcome by enhancing:

  • medical treatment quality & efficiency
  • optimization of the patient pathway
  • implementation of point of care technologies
  • cost-efficiency



  • We provide growth capital in the form of secured convertible debt facilities or direct equity investments.
  • Additionally, we actively support the portfolio companies with our international network in order to untap their products‘ inherent global distribution and growth potential.
  • Furthermore, we strive to acquire assets with synergetic effects among each other and the potential for growing databases attached to them.
  • This strategy does not require a specific macro environment, relying instead on situational and company specific untapped potential that can be uncovered at any point in the economic cycle.


Possible monetization strategies

  • Increased growth of portfolio companies leads to additionally available free cash flows for further investments.
  • It can also lead to a size-level large enough for high-multiple buyout offers by large-cap healthcare conglomerates.
  • Alternatively, we explore the option of listing individual companies post international rollout on an us exchange where valuations tend to be higher, creating arbitrage opportunities for european healthcare assets.

In case of trade sale or listing, the participation will be carved out of the holding company, flushing cash into our investment vehicle for further investments and / or a dividend payout.


Access to deal flow

  • Unique relationships to key opinion leaders for access to outstanding technologies (as succeeding technologies need these key opinion leaders‘ blessings)
  • This deal flow is enhanced through healthcare conference platforms as well as partnerships with professional healthcare associations and international medical advisory boards
  • Furthermore, the first participation has been taken in a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) whose business it is to support the international distribution permit application process for healthcare technologies with clinical studies, thereby granting first-hand access to targets together with a highly seasoned technical due diligence team.